Will it fit?

Guide for smooth delivery?

You're just about to order or you've already ordered your new dream mattress, storage bed or bed base and you suddenly think WILL IT FIT?? No problem! Follow the guide below so you can be sure your new mattress or bed base can easily be delivered and fit into your room. If your up-sizing it's helpful to consider how the new mattress or bed base will work in the room, do you have enough floor space to move around, will your wardrobe doors be able to open etc. To make it more visual, lay masking tape or newspaper on the floor to outline the size of the bed to see you have the perfect fit. If at anytime you feel unsure, just give us a call 09 9555 1844 or email sales@bedsonsale.com.au. We're here to help.

Measuring inside your living space - grab pen and paper.

1. Doorways

Measure from the inside of your door frame. Be careful to note how wide your doors can open and accommodate for doorknobs. 

2. Stairways

Measure the width of your stairway (taking into account any handrails or bannisters) and the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling.  Be sure to look out for any sloped or curved surfaces.  If your stairwell has a landing , make sure your mattress or bed base will fit on and around it, both width and height.

3. Obstacles

Think about low-hanging light fixtures or fans, breakable decorations, artwork that cannot be removed, stairway banisters or turns, angled ceilings or walls.  Have a completely clear path for your mattress or bed base: it's helpful to make more space than you think you'll need.  This should be done prior to delivery and if your not sure you can always ask us.

4. Hallways

Check your hallway has enough space for our delivery team to easily access the room your new piece needs to go.  Especially if your anticipate any twists or turns along the way.  Measure the height, width and depth.  

5. Clear a Path 

Plan your route and have it cleared out.  Make sure you know how to get your mattress or bed base to it's final location. Planning ahead can save a lot of time and hassle when your delivery arrives. Remember the quickest route is not always the easiest.

6. Outside Area

Don't forget about the area outside your home, where the delivery team will enter your property.  This is also important you may want to consider: pot plants, gardens, front gates, outdoor steps and verandahs. 


Preparing for Delivery

1. Use the above guide to measuring your living space/room.

2. Special Requirements.

You will need to advise us  of any special requirements prior to delivery.    These may include tight staircases, low ceilings, stairs with a twist or turn, hours of access, elevator access, specific parking areas or anything that may affect your delivery.  If you do have a difficult delivery and your mattress or bed base won't fit upstairs, you must tell us ahead of time. Please see our delivery guide.

3. Clearing space.

Have the space cleared for where your new mattress or bed base will be placed.  Move any bedside tables, lamps etc that may be in the way. 

4. Clear Access.

The delivery team require clear access to the room your new mattress/bed base is to be placed. Check you have clear walkways, hallways or any other areas that may have any obstacles.

You may also consider:

  • Placing pets in another room.
  • Moving any furniture that may become an obstacle.
  • Securing any low hanging light fixtures or lamps.
  • Remove any artwork or decorations that may fall or could be damaged. 

Apartments with elevators.

If you have elevator access to your apartment, you will need to check the following:

  • Does the elevator need to be booked for delivery? Ask your building manager if you're unsure.
  • How large is the elevator? Measure not only the interior of your elevator, but also the door openings themselves.