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Ravenbrook Signature Mattress

Comfort Sleep Bedding

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Ravenbrook Signature, the epitome of luxury and comfort.  This Australian made luxury mattress is a testament to refined elegance, delivering an unparalleled sleep experience. With its blend of premium materials, advanced technology, and meticulous construction, this mattress offers the ultimate combination of support, comfort, and luxury, making it a haven for those seeking a truly elite slumber.

One of the standout features created by the combination of layers is the seamless transition in feel, providing the perfect equilibrium between support and indulgent comfort. This technology ensures that your sleep experience is consistently lavish, regardless of your sleeping position. 

Ravenbrook Natural Luxury mattresses are owned, designed and most importantly MADE in Australia. All comfort foams used are certified by GECA (Good Environmental choice Australia). GECA is an “Eco Friendly” certification which recognises products made with minimal impact to the environment and which are also healthy for the consumer.

The Mattress CoverUltra-premium Australian Organic Cotton and Silk knit cover. This material not only lends a sumptuous feel but also exhibits exceptional durability and breathability, ensuring a cool and indulgent sleep surface, unparalleled comfort and total breathability.

  • Luxurious natural luster and exceptional durability are inherent properties of cotton and silk, ensuring a long-lasting and robust surface that withstands regular use without compromising the quality of feel.
  • Natural and non-toxic sleeping surface.
  • Regarded as a cool fibre
  • Excellent airflow and breathability, preventing heat retention and ensuring a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Exceptional moisture management from the fabrics natural properties contributes to moisture absorption and control, maintaining a dry and fresh sleeping environment.
  • Woven in Melbourne with premium cotton and silk fibres.

Beneath the surface:

  • Hygroflex & Quiltec blend layer. Hygroflex Hybrid Technology is an innovative comfort foam designed to offer exceptional comfort by contouring to your body shape while promoting airflow for a breathable experience. The Ravenbrook Signature mattress, equipped with this technology, ensures a comfortable sleeping temperature. Through Thermal Diffusivity, it efficiently manages the transfer of heat from warm to cool areas. This hybrid material is adept at swiftly transferring heat due to its high thermal diffusivity, providing a luxurious, pressure-relieving feel. It's combined with Quiltec™ for outstanding temperature control and breathability.
  • Premium Italian Graphite Next memory foam. This specialized memory foam is enriched with antimicrobial graphite minerals, creating a unique blend that delivers an array of benefits. First and foremost, this infusion of antimicrobial graphite minerals contributes to the mattress's superior breathability year-round comfort. This innovative foam works synergistically with the Visco Elastic Gel Memory Foam layer. 
  • Visco Elastic Gel Memory Foam Layer: meticulously engineered to respond to both body heat and weight, yielding a custom fit that gently conforms to your body. When incorporated into a mattress, this phenomenon delivers an unparalleled level of personalized comfort not achievable with other mattress technologies. This innovation combines memory foam with a multitude of gel beads, resulting in superior pressure relief that outperforms traditional memory foam by a staggering 12-fold in heat dissipation. Furthermore, its body-contouring attributes effectively reduce pressure points, significantly minimizing the need for restless tossing and turning. Additionally, this technology excels at isolating motion, meaning if you share your bed with a partner who frequently shifts or gets up during the night, you're far less likely to be disturbed. Their movements won't reverberate through the mattress, ensuring you enjoy more uninterrupted, restful sleep. 


The mattress is ingeniously engineered with a 7-zone European Contour Tech pocket spring system. This design offers targeted support to different areas of the body, allowing for superior spinal alignment and reducing motion transfer, promoting an undisturbed night's rest. 

  • Zoned in the hip and shoulder areas to enhance back and lumbar support.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Improved durability.
  • Delivers more consistent sleep surface.

Reinforced Edge Support

  • For added reinforcement, the mattress is enveloped with an ultra-firm and high-density foam box encasement. This feature ensures edge-to-edge support, maximizing the usable sleep surface while enhancing the mattress's durability.
  • The solid foam edge support wraps around the entire perimeter of the mattress. Encasing the pocket coil system, increasing your sleep surface and creating exceptional stability. Enabling you to utilise every inch of the mattress even the outermost points. No sagging edges here.

Ensemble base - Solid timber construction with flat platform feet suited for floorboards and carpeted floors, co-ordinating fabric to the mattress. Includes dust protector on bottom and non-slip matt on top to prevent mattress movement. Mattress is sold with or without the base, bed head not included.

** Please note the Bedhead is NOT included however can be purchased separately*
Proudly Australian Made. 10 Year Guarantee

Available in Double, Queen and King
- Double: 137 cm x 187 cm
- Queen: 153 cm x 203 cm
- King: 183 cm x 203 cm
You can reach us by -
Email: Phone: 02 9555 1844
Or visit us in our Rozelle showroom. 682 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW.



10 Year Guarantee

Ravenbrook Signature Mattress

Comfort Sleep Bedding

Was: $4,799.00
Now From $2,799.00
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