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Mattress Protectors: A Must-Have for Every Bed

Mattress Protectors: A Must-Have for Every Bed

Posted by Bedsonsale on 28th May 2024

If you value your sleep and want to protect your mattress investment, then a mattress protector should be at the top of your shopping list. While it might seem like an optional accessory, the benefits of having a mattress protector are numerous. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why a mattress protector is an essential addition to your bedding setup, providing you with comfort, cleanliness, and longevity.

  1. Protection against Accidents:

Life is unpredictable, and accidents happen. Whether it's a spill of your morning coffee, a late-night snack mishap, or a pet-related incident, your mattress is vulnerable to damage. A mattress protector acts as a barrier, shielding your mattress from spills, stains, and odors. It forms a protective layer that prevents liquids from seeping into the mattress, making it easier to clean and maintain.

   2. Guarding against Allergens and Dust Mites:

Allergens and dust mites are unwelcome guests in any bedroom. They can exacerbate allergies, trigger asthma, and compromise your sleep quality. A mattress protector with allergen and dust mite resistance creates a protective shield, preventing these microscopic irritants from infiltrating your mattress. By using a mattress protector, you can enjoy a healthier sleeping environment, free from potential allergens.

  3. Maintaining Hygiene:

Over time, mattresses can accumulate sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils. These substances provide a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and unpleasant odors. Mattress protectors act as a hygiene barrier, preventing these contaminants from seeping into the mattress. Regularly washing the protector helps to maintain a clean and fresh sleeping surface, promoting better overall hygiene.

  4. Extending Mattress Lifespan:

A high-quality mattress is a significant investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. A mattress protector plays a crucial role in extending its lifespan. It acts as a shield against wear and tear, protecting the mattress from damage caused by body weight, movement, and friction. By reducing the direct contact between your body and the mattress, a protector helps to maintain its structural integrity and support, ensuring that you can enjoy the mattress's comfort for years to come.

   5. Preserving Warranty Coverage:

All mattress manufacturers require the use of a mattress protector to keep the warranty valid. By not using a protector, you may risk voiding the warranty and losing any potential coverage for repairs or replacements. Investing in a mattress protector not only safeguards your mattress but also ensures that you can avail yourself of the warranty benefits if needed.

   6. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:

One of the advantages of a mattress protector is its ease of cleaning. Most protectors are machine washable, making it convenient to remove any spills, stains, or dirt that accumulate over time. By regularly washing the protector, you can maintain a clean and fresh sleeping surface without the hassle of cleaning the entire mattress.

Investing in a mattress protector is a smart decision that brings a host of benefits. From protecting against accidents and allergens to maintaining hygiene and prolonging mattress lifespan, a mattress protector ensures that your sleep environment remains clean, comfortable, and healthy. Don't underestimate the importance of this simple yet effective accessory—it's an essential addition to any bed setup that will help you enjoy restful nights and get the most out of your mattress investment.

Our range of mattress protectors  includes: 

  • 100% cotton mattress protectors - cotton cover and all cotton fill perfect for protecting your be and keeping you cool. Generous fitted sheet side wall for an easy, secure fit. Machine washable and allergy friendly. Made in Australia.
  • Waterproof mattress protectors - Eco friendly cotton/bamboo waterproof mattress protector. Breathable protection with a waterproof membrane. Protect your mattress from perspiration, liquids, stains, bacteria and dust mites. A perfect choice for sufferers of allergies and asthma. Deep fitted skirt and sensitive skin friendly. Doesn't crinkle.
  • Cooltouch mattress protectors - Keep your cool all night long with a Bambi Cooltouch™ Active Waterproof Mattress Protector. The mattress protector has a unique cooling upper layer of Phase Change Material containing MICA mineral fibres which helps keep you cool. The fabric stays cool to the touch no matter how many times it is used or laundered – backed by the Bambi 10-year product guarantee. Made with a breathable waterproof membrane this product is both functional and comfortable.
  • Health Assurance pack - The Bambi Cotton Smart Shield Health Assurance Pack contains one fitted quilted cotton mattress protector and one fitted waterproof cotton mattress protector that are asthma and allergy-friendly. Sleep peacefully knowing that your mattress – and your health – have double the protection, all backed by the Bambi 5-year product guarantee!

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