Australian Mattress Sizes


The dimensions of our mattresses refer to the sleeping area/mattress size of the bed - from edge to edge. All Australian mattresses are standard sizes. When measuring bed frames in wood, metal or fabric these will often have an overall width and length greater than the sleeping area due to the nature of the beds construction. Be sure you are measuring correctly when determining your size.

Special sizes:  some of our models can be made to a specific size.  If you have an older bed frame or European frame you may need to have a mattress made to your specific dimensions.

Single Size Mattress 

It may be the smallest size but super versatile! The standard dimensions for a standard Australian single mattress are 92cm x 188cm,perfect for one person.  A single size mattress most commonly used for children's beds or for someone wanting to maximise the overall space in their room.  Not only cost effective a single mattress may also be the an effective option as a guest bed.  All our mattresses are available in single sizes.

Long Single Size Mattress 

The long single mattress - 92cm x 203cm.  The same width as a single but the same length of queen or king mattress.  It's primary use is for a split king mattress for adjustable beds, those with difficult access into a room or minimising partner disturbance.  Two long singles pushed together equal a king size mattress.

King Single Size Mattress 

A king single mattress is 107cm x 203cm - 15cm wider and 15cm longer than a single mattress. Popular for those growing teenagers or individual adults with limited space.

 Double Size Mattress 

A double mattress measuring 137cm x 188cm is a good starter mattress for teens or adults that have restricted space. A double is 16cm narrower and 15cm shorter than a queen size mattress. Also a smart choice for a guest room.

Queen Size Mattress 

Measuring 153cm x 203cm the queen size mattress is the most popular size and traditionally used in a master bedroom.  It offers plenty of space for couples and fits perfectly into the majority of bedrooms.

King Size Mattress Measurements

A standard king size mattress is 183cm x 203cm - 30cm wider than a queen.  A king size mattress measures the same length and width of two long singles together.  A king mattress works well in spacious bedroom and gives you loads of sprawl out space.

Super King Size Mattress 

Measuring 203cm x 203cm the super king mattress is a perfect square and 20cm wider than a standard king size mattress.  An indulgent option for those who have the luxury of space. If you have a large family where the kids like to climb in the bed or perhaps you want your own space, a super king mattress could be the ultimate bed size for you.


What People Are Saying - 5 Star Google Customer Reviews


The one bed store we always came back to after visiting couple others. Glenn and Rachael were very nice and knowledgeable, not pushy at all for the sales. We bought a king bed on Sunday afternoon and Glenn delivered it and helped assembling it on the same day after hearing we only have a single bed!

Christian Tjahjadi

Amazing Service!

Came in at 1:20 in the afternoon expecting a next day delivery but the owner offered to personally deliver it after closing when I told him I was sleeping on an air mattress, amazing service

June Birch


What? It’s as good as the reviews say, they’re all legit? Yep. I went in about 1pm, described my back problem to Glenn, he recommended a couple of mattresses, I tried lying on them, chose the most comfortable. Added the wonderful alpaca pillows. Paid the bill, out by 1:45pm. Glenn delivered the mattress at 5pm, same day. No waiting six weeks, as the department store said.

Marika Kosobowsky


Very genuine and helpful, helped me to my new apartment with no hassle

Anton Weston


The first and bed store we walked into and the last we will ever walk into. Glenn knows his stuff and is very helpful. We got an awesome bed. Glenn is the only man I trust in the bedroom!


Second Time!

Second time buying some mattresses. Top notch service and good prices.

Michael Hanline