Mattress Buying Guide Australia

How do I purchase a mattress from BedsonSale?There are three ways to buy a mattress from BedsonSale you can either purchase in store, online or by phone at 02 9555 1844. 

What should I look for when purchasing a mattress?
The four main things to consider when buying a new mattress are surface comfort (do you prefer plush or firm?), support (when lying on the bed, your body should maintain the same natural curve as when standing), durability (what is the mattress constructed of) and size (how much space is in the room and how much personal space does the person(s) sleeping in the bed require?).

Is a hard mattress best for my back?  This is a misconception and not entirely true.  While your body requires a sturdy and supportive foundation.  A mattress should also deliver a certain aspect of comfort, which is attained through comfort and quilting layers.  A pillow top mattress will often display these traits. 

The benefit of this theory means that, while the body foundation whether it be spring, latex etc, is offering your body the support you need.  The top layer or pillow top will contour and shape your body relieving any pressure points or soreness.  However we all sleep differently so if your love a hard/firm mattress and have always slept this way then choose what you feel comfortable on. 

How often should I change my mattress?  10 years is generally a good indication to go by.  This is just a guideline and there obviously exceptions. A budget mattress may require changing every 3-5 years whilst a top quality Latex mattress may last 15-20 years. 

Is it better to choose a mattress with my partner there?  At BedsonSale we recommend if there are two people sleeping on the mattress then it is definitely beneficial for both to be present when purchasing a new mattress.  A critical part of purchasing a new mattress is the testing process.  With a wide range of mattresses available our expert staff can help guide through which mattress will suit your needs. 

What are the dimensions of Australian standard mattresses?
- Single: 92 cm x 187 cm
- King Single: 106 cm x 203 cm
- Double: 137 cm x 187 cm
- Queen: 153 cm x 203 cm
- King: 183 cm x 203 cm

What is the difference between an innerspring, latex and memory foam mattress?
The most widely purchased, innerspring mattresses combine a supportive system of coils with cushioned upholstery in a range of comfort levels from firm to plush. There are really only two types of spring systems: Bonnell / Continuous Coil system and the Pocket Spring System. 

Bonnell /Continuos Coil Spring unit is the classic spring system which through the years has proven it’s worth. In a bonnell spring unit the springs are attached to each other with helical wire. Each round helical crosswire connects each single spring to a unit.  A bonnell/continuous coil spring unit is a robust sleep system, which offers great body support, making it a favourite bedding option globally.  All our spring units are made using Australian Steel. 

Pocket Spring units are individually encased springs and are completely independent of each other. Pocket spring units provide unprecedented comfort through individual springs that follow the natural contour of the body providing optimal orthopaedic support. The pocket spring system offers complete independence from one another, helping to reduce partner disturbance and roll-together. The Pocket spring system is without doubt the most advanced and takes sleeping comfort to a new level.

Latex mattresses have the benefits of latex, which is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and conforms to the body’s shape and offers proper support and significant pressure relief. More resilient and "springy" than memory foam, its natural elasticity allows it to stretch and return to its original shape without relying on body temperature or weight. A breathable material, its excellent airflow helps regulate body temperature. 

Memory foam mattresses are constructed from a visco-elastic foam that molds to the body in response to temperature and weight. Offering considerable pressure relief and spinal support, it absorbs movement to minimize disturbances from the other side of the bed. Once it conforms to the body, it is slower to recover than other types of mattresses.

What is a pillow top?
A pillow top is constructed of extra layers, which can be a mixture of different ingredients that are separately quilted and then sewn to the top of a mattress for differing comfort levels.

What is a non-pillow top?
It is as it sounds the mattress has no pillow top and the comfort layers are attached to the to of the support system.

How do I get rid of my old mattress?
If you buy a new mattress from BedsonSale we can arrange to have your old mattress removed.  We use Sydney Mattress Recycling who recycles your old mattress so it doesn’t end up as landfill.

Does my mattress need to be aired out before I use it?
You may notice a "new mattress smell" after you remove the plastic packaging from your new bed. This will dissipate in the first  2-3 days, and in the meantime, it is completely harmless and safe to sleep in.

How do I protect my mattress?
A mattress protector is the best way to protect your new mattress from accidental spills. We offer our customers a range of mattress protectors to suit your needs.  It’s important to protect your new mattress for a couple of reasons: keeping if safe from spills and ensuring your warranty/guarantee is not void due to stains and spills.

What is the best way to clean my mattress?
Mattresses are fairly easy to maintain. The best way to keep cleaning to a minimum is to use a mattress protector. Another tip is to simply vacuum once or twice a year to remove dust and/or crumbs.


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